Full-Stack Engineer: Builder at heart

New York

The role

  • Full stack - develop our entire stack with Alex, personally owning, planning and implementing entire projects. Play an integral part in determining the tech we use and the engineering culture we build. You’ll have the opportunity to work on native and cloud areas in the future

  • Builder first - build and iterate on the fly, with a focus on quickly shipping

  • Develop trust solutions - turn strangers into friends of friends, solving challenges across matchmaking, determining/displaying user connection and customer service magic

  • Future team lead - our engineering team will grow to 5-7 people within 12 months, which you’ll play a key role in creating. We’ll have a flat decision making structure and you’ll primarily be building and directly solving technical problems. As our New York business scales, you’ll have the opportunity to specialise

  • Customer & business exposure - collaborate across many decisions and have a key impact on the Kiki journey

  • In-person in New York - we’re building together in our users’ backyard, so you’ll be with us in person, rounding out our founding team

About you

  • Full stack engineer

    • Proficient in TypeScript, React and Node.js. (Postgres, MongoDB, AWS is a plus) Overview of the tools we use: https://stackshare.io/kikiclub/kiki

    • UI/UX skills

    • Personal projects or early start up experiences are a must

    • Preferably 2yrs minimum software engineering experience

  • Passionately curious - you’re a self learner, motivated to join an early team, understand the problems we’re solving and implement solutions across the full UI lifecycle (planning, mock ups, creation, testing)

  • Fast paced and scrappy - you’re excited by an extremely fast paced, challenging environment and the chance to change the world!


  • $130K USD salary

  • Founding team stock options that will change your life when we IPO

  • If you’re relocating to NYC, we’ll provide you with a budget so you can find a 1-2 month sublet to experience the pain yourself

  • If you’re a New Zealander or Australian, we’ll arrange your long term US visa

  • High level of ownership and autonomy

  • Opportunity to build and lead your own team as we scale through NYC, around America and over Europe (then ringing the bell at IPO)

  • Join at day 0 and be part of the foundations going down in history for changing how the world lives

How to join our team

Email us at careers@kiki.club with an intro! Let us know what you’ve worked on in the past, give us a full rundown on your favourite project (Github profile, other relevant links, what went wrong/right), and why you’re excited about Kiki. We’ll jump into it and let you know ASAP if we’re keen to chat.

P.S We hate CVs because they tell us nothing about who you actually are, so please don’t send these.