Product, Customer, Ops: Multiple hat wearer

New York

The role

  • Wear many hats - you’ll be doing everything and your role will change a lot week to week. We’re an early-stage marketplace so there are fires always burning and your job is to work out which ones are top priority to put out. You’ll be responsible for keeping the ship together while it sails at one million miles an hour

  • Talk with users daily -  know our users as well as your Grandma. Work closely with Toby, Jack and Alex to rapidly analyse feedback, design and implement solutions and product features

  • Build customer magic - customer service sucks and we’re working on a new approach that makes it one of the most successful parts of our business. You’ll be developing solutions to be world leading in this space

  • Full business architecture - design creative and efficient solutions across our entire business, optimising every decision for user trust from scrappy cold starting through to scale

  • In-person in New York - we’re huge on in-person culture and are getting our own office space in Manhattan where our Kikiers and their friends can co-work alongside us for free, and we’ll literally be building with our users…The early Facebook team was telling us, “The early days were the best times any of us had at Facebook. When it was just 10 of us squished around a computer screen, all building and brainstorming how we could pull this off! We miss it.”

About you

  • Fast paced and scrappy - you’re excited by a fast paced and challenging environment. You have a ‘never too good’ attitude and can adapt to many different areas

  • Passionately curious - you’re a self learner, motivated to join our early team and deeply understand our customer and their problems, switching between creative and logical thinking

  • Gritty - you don’t take no for an answer and have a track record of identifying problems, coming up with ideas and then executing on these

  • Leader - you have start up experience and understand the grit and finesse required to lead with


  • $130K USD salary

  • Founding team stock options that will change your life when we IPO

  • If you’re relocating to NYC, we’ll provide you with a budget so you can find a 1-2 month sublet to experience the pain yourself

  • If you’re a New Zealander or Australian, we’ll arrange your long term US visa

  • High level of ownership and autonomy

  • Opportunity to build and lead your own team as we scale through NYC, around America and over Europe (then ringing the bell at IPO)

  • Join at day 0 and be part of the foundations going down in history for changing how the world lives

How to join our team

Email us at with an intro, what you’ve worked on in the past (learnings, what went wrong/right) and why you’re excited about Kiki. Don’t be afraid to talk very transparently about your past and to show any ideas you have for Kiki in Figma/videos/anyway you like (we hate CVs because they tell us nothing about who you actually are, so please don’t send these). We’ve already had a lot of interest so we’ll jump into it and let you know ASAP if we’re keen to chat or not. Show us how much you want to join… the more you hustle us the better.

Anyone we meet now but don’t hire will likely have the chance to join very soon as our team’s growing from 3-6 now, 6-25 within 10 months and 25-100 a year later. So don’t stop doing epic shit! A motto we live by is to become a linear line, not a dot - this is the reason we secured one of the biggest seed checks Blackbird’s ever written after rejection for $150K USD 6 months’ prior. We built our Blackbird relationship for over a year, as they watched us execute, grew to trust that we could potentially achieve something never seen before, to leading with their $4.5m USD investment.

Become a linear line! See you in our inbox and we’ll screenshot it for 10 years from now when you're responsible for changing how the world lives ;)